Tinkering Your Boiler into Reducing Your Energy Bills

If you’ve reached this article, you’ve probably already commissioned a Google search looking for ways in which to slash your energy bills. Most of the time, the experts will direct you to a comparison website and this is generally the best way to achieve the above.

However, if you’ve already found the best possible deal for your circumstances, it’s time to turn your attention other avenues. Modern day boilers have a concoction of controls that allow homeowners to tinker with their heating system and subsequently make it work around their schedule. There are numerous ways to do this and the outcomes can be very effective, with certain measures resulting in savings of up to £70 per year.

Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at a few simple tips which can help you slowly knock down your annual bill.

Do you have the correct equipment installed?

Before we advance into the meat of the article, we should firstly question whether or not you have the correct equipment installed to allow you to undertake such measures. Unfortunately, if your heating system is approaching 10-15 years old, you may not have access to some of the features that we’re about to discuss. It’s in these cases that we’d suggest you take a look at the Green Deal to fund a new boiler, which will come with all of the bells and whistles that will allow you to fine-tune your heating system. While you’re at it, find a supplier that specialises in Grundfos pumps and ask them about heating circulation pumps. They’ll make your system much more efficient, which should again help to reduce those bills.

Tinker Tip #1 – Room Thermostats

Now that you’ve made sure all of your systems are up to date, it’s time to progress onto our top tips. The first revolves around room thermostats and if you haven’t already, it’s once again time to make an investment and install at least one in your home.

For those not aware, room thermostats will turn the heating on until the environment reaches a defined temperature. This of course makes them very effective, with the heating only being utilised when required.

If you do have them installed, you should be looking to set them between 18°C and 21°C – although naturally, the lower the better.

Tinker Tip #2 – TRVs

To make the most of your thermostats, you should also be considering thermostatic radiator valves. These are the controls that are fixed to the side of the radiator which will allow you to set them to a certain temperature.

They are ideal if you are using the suggestion from the first tip, as they allow a degree of zoning in your property. For example, even if you have got your general thermostat set at 21°C, you can turn off a TRV on a radiator in a room so that particular space is not affected. This can work very well in those rooms that are not used much, with spare bedrooms being a prime example.

Tinker Tip #3 – Timing

For those looking for an even bigger degree of flexibility, a programmable timer is probably the way forward. The vast majority of modern boilers will have one of these systems installed and it basically means that you can state which times of the day you want your heating to be activated. For those homes which also have a hot water tank, it means that you can set which hours you want the water to be heated as well.

Previously, you would have to set your timer for an hour or two before you wanted the heat to become obvious. A lot of boilers now take this into account though and will incorporate the ‘warming phase’ into the timer, which certainly makes life a little more easier.

Again, it’s all about only using your boiler when it is absolutely necessary. Whether you use a timer, TRVs, room thermostats or even all three, your main aim is to reduce the amount of time your boiler is burning.