5 tips to Choose the Right Baby Blanket

While making the list for baby shopping, parents tend to make a long list of useable and not so useable items. Many first time parents are so excited that the shopping list just goes on and many things that are not used that much or for longer periods of time are bought. Such things not only become heavy on the pocket but later on parents regret stacking material which is of no use and just occupies the precious space at home. No shopping list of baby without having a checkbox of ‘blankets’ is possible to find. Babies do not have the self-regulating heat system at an early age; hence, covering up with blankets is essential. Not only for the heat element but also for fashion and style statements parents wrap around cute and funky sheets. Here are tips to buy the perfect blanket that serves multi-purpose-1) Receiving Blankets-

Receiving blankets are bought which are of light weight fabric and not too thick. The fabric used is generally kept soft and without weight so that babies can wrapped around and passed to family and friends. These blankets tend to get dirty very easily as they go down many hands. So the fabric needs to be washable and more than one receiving blanket should be purchased at a time.2) Swaddling Blankets-

While wrapping is loosely folding the baby to keep the hands and other body parts safe, swaddling blankets are used to tightly roll the baby so it is safe and sleeps well. Babies are most likely to sleep well in a position where the body parts are cosy and tightly wrapped secured with a pin. These types of blankets are sold in several shapes for the ease of parents. There are square, rectangle shaped blankets which easily secure the baby.3) Sleep sacks-

These are modern inventions of blankets, which are designed with the intention of providing safety to the baby. If in blankets babies do not feel safe and there is a chance of them moving around and falling off, sleep sacks provide a safe covering where babies cannot come out. Also, along with the protection, if the temperature changes for the baby it can easily be unzipped so that air is crossed around and the baby is cool and safe at the same time.4) Baby blankets in Cotton-

Cotton baby blankets are best for summer time babies, as this need to cover up as well as provide ample of air circulation to keep the baby away from sweating and dehydration. Choosing cotton baby blankets are a skillful task, where the material quality should be assessed carefully so that it lasts longer and does not wear off after a few washes. Baby materials require more washing as compared to adult material.5) Wool Blanket-

There are wool baby blankets available for winters and stronger weather conditions. Many people do not prefer woollen baby blankets due to the roughness of the material, however, there are new types of baby blankets available in wool that are covered with cotton covers in fancy and cute styles and other have an extra layering of muslin cloth to make the baby feel comfortable and warm at the same time. These are long lasting blankets that have the ability of being durable and also resisting wear and tear. The only factor to be careful about is, while washing cold water should be used and the blanket should be soaked in cold water for a good 2 to 3 hours. Moreover, it should not be rubbed vigorously and should be left to air dry so that it does not change its texture.